our priorities

The HiSkin brand is a Polish family brand created out of passion for natural care. Our mission is based on synergy. We strive to create breakthrough natural cosmetics supported by the latest discoveries in the field of cosmetology. Due to the fact, that our cosmetics are composed of ingredients that are 100% natural, they don’t just take perfect care of the skin, but also affect all of our senses. We expect our products not only to be effective, but also delight with their colour, fragrance and modern design. We are passionate about care, which is why we focus on ethics and social responsibility at all stages of creating our cosmetics.

Our innovative recipes contain 90-98% of the highest quality natural, highly concentrated ingredients of plant origin. We import and test cosmetic raw materials from all over the world to create products ideally suited to the needs of your skin. Our mission is to provide an effect of synergy, therefore we use the unprecedented power of nature and additionally support ourselves with the achievements of modern cosmetology. We strive to make HiSkin cosmetics an integral part of your daily care and for all the products to perfectly meet your expectations. All our formulations undergo rigorous research and laboratory testing. Thanks to this, we are sure that our products are effective and, above all, safe for your skin. The Quality Control Department ensures thorough analysis and control at every stage of product development, and the Microbiology Department supervises the microbiological purity of each production batch.

we care about ecology

We know how important it is nowadays to care for the natural environment. At HiSkin, we definitely focus on ecological solutions. Most of our packaging is made from recycling, and we use eco foil labels. We can also boast a line of SPA products in elegant and aesthetic dark glass bottles, which not only protect the valuable cosmetic against harmful environmental factors, but also reduce waste consumption.