Aroma diffuser – Plum with cinnamon

Plum and cinnamon are a combination of fragrances, which during cool autumn days will remind you, that the longed-for Christmas is soon to come. Our diffusers are made in Poland and contain natural essential oils of plums and cinnamon. Natural Aroma diffusers, and above all, their content, i.e. essential oils, have many valuable properties. In additin to filling the room with a beautiful fragrance, they have a positive effect on our health. The benefits that we obtain by choosing a specific natural diffuser depend on what is in its composition. Diffusers or Candles with natural fragrances can regulate moods, emotional states, physical health and energy levels.
How use:
Open the bottle of essential oil in the room and put the rattan sticks inside. A pleasant aroma should rise. The aroma will be more noticeable in closed spaces than in open spaces.
Natural essential oils
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